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Create Off The Wall Beats and Stand Out From The Crowd


Using the best beat making software at entry is level is the gateway to a successful career creating beats. Purchasing software that is too advanced and expensive is a fast way to failure. If you rap, you cannot keep spitting over established artists beats. Time to step up and create your own beats with software half the price of decent sneakers.


How long does it take to learn the software?

Learning can be an utter buzzkill when you just want to make beats. Stuck with a giant instruction manual with bloated and boring text, when all you want to do is switch on the software, watch an instructional video and then start creating beats.


Dr. Drum Samples

==>>Download Dr Drum here<<==

Dr. Drum software works on both Mac and PC


What Can The Software Do For Me?

The 4-octave keyboard can be used to really polish a beat up, or use one of the thousands of professional quality sounds in the massive database. Your talent only limits you and Dr. Drum will bring out that talent quickly. What would adding sax or strings to a track do to alter the mood and take it to the next level?


Single click technology means you switch from one instrument to another to instantly find out new sounds as you create a beat that is totally yours! This beat making machine really is the most powerful and value for money beat creator on the market today for anyone who wants to make beats with affordable and reliable equipment.



You can create your style of beat with Dr. Drum because of the features it has as standard…



What Type of Beats do You Make?


A quick look at Dr. Drum Beat Maker Specifications

The 16-track sequencer brings all of your sounds together. Dr. Drum makes you an instant pro. You can adjust and fiddle with individual tracks, edit and change them with simple clicks and drag ability. You can save everything to recording studio quality 44.1 stereo 16bit PCM .wav files – not all beat making equipment allows you to do this. Do not create a beat and save it as an MP3!



  • – Complete video tutorials
  • – Import ability to add your own creations to the tracks
  • – 4 Octave keyboard to create real music right on your computer
  • – Export to high-quality 44.1 Stereo .wav file
  • – Alter sound levels on each track individually
  • – Alter “pan effect” on each track
  • – Alter frequency and Ifo to make step beats and other awesome effects
  • – Works on both PC and Mac machines
  • – Multiple editing screens
  • – A free “Sell your beats” report included




Good beat making software is imperative if you want to make it in the music industry, but shit-costs-money and who really has enough to set up their own recording studio? If you have the juice to make it as pro then you work your way up the software food chain and when you are filling arenas then hell spend $40,000 on one piece of kit; until that time set realistic goals and buy software you can afford.





Easy beat making software like Dr Drum is a complete electronic beats package to get you started with thousands of dancehall shaking sounds, effects and samples; you will have a frightening amount of power in your hands. The noise you will be able to make with your beat producing software will be staggering!


Dr. Drum is often thought of as a hip hop beat maker but it has much more power than that. The video tutorials will show you just how many different ways you can make a beat.



Don’t be fooled into spending more cash than you need to!



Download Page

When you get to the download page you will see that the software comes with packed with features, samples, sounds, and noises that will scare your dog whilst you create a beat that kicks-ass! There are thousands of sounds and hundreds of features…BUT…(we said it would be easy), it also comes with easy to follow step-by-step tutorials. Heck there has to be a small learning curve. Should you get stuck (and you won’t) you can contact the guys and girls over at Dr. Drum who operate one of the finest customer support systems for a digital product that we have ever found.


Dr Drum digital best beat making software

Once you have this beat maker fired up you will be able to create a beat for whatever genre you go crazy for! You can make your own hip-hop beats, or dubstep, techno beats, reggae, hardcore house music or whatever you like to rock out to. The secret ingredient to making the best fruity loops is practice…LEARN AS YOU GO by racking up those 10,000 hours to become a beat making genius.


Dr. Drum has been voted THE BEST beat maker software for under $50 by thousands and is our best seller and here are the reasons:


– CompletenessDr. Drum is electric throne beats number one choice for as the best beat making software for beginners, simply because it is the full Monty, the total package, and all you need to get started for under $40! With its massive range of sounds and effects and functions you can start cranking out beats as soon as you have downloaded this powerful piece of software.


– Step-by-step guides -tutorials, customer service – there is not much you could demand from any product or service that you buy and Dr Drum excels at all three. The video tutorials are some of the best available and the customer service levels are unrivalled. If you are advanced (but skint) then these tutorials will offer something because they are so packed with amazing content to get you cranking out high quality beats at a super high volume!


– Genres – All music has a beat and with this (keyword) you can create beats for any style of your choosing. Yes that is any style of your choosing, this software is not isolated to just hip hop beats or techno, if rock and roll or country music is your bag then you will be as blown away as your audience when you ((download this super-charged beat software- anchor text))


If you are ready to make your PC or Mac into a high-powered music studio then seriously don’t wait you won’t find a better piece of kit than Dr. Drum on the InternetClick here to see a full list of the features.


Everything you need in on your computer to create a beat and for a price that won’t stop you going to the club at the weekend whilst you are in training; although that training is not going to last long as Dr. Drum is the complete training package and it will be you getting the party humming not the other guy or gal! The beat software comes with three powerful music creation tools, which can make any beat, and bang out powerfully edited professional music. This software is your gateway tool to fame and fortune on the music scene, if you just want to make some chilled beats for smoking you can do that as well or if you are into bucking the mainstream trends then you learn how to make some truly insane sounds at the cool website. 




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